Dog Like Status


Dog Like Status recruit Rory Benis as their new drummer.

Rory stood against a wall

New drummer Rory pictured here at his first rehearsal. Despite appearances he does have 2 legs.

Rory, who is studying Professional Musicianship in Drumming at Brighton Institute of Modern Music, replaced Dog Like Status’s previous drummer, Mad Dog Johnimal in August 2013.

Influenced by heavy rock and metal sounds Rory suits the band’s playing style and will bring a greater creative edge to future records. At the ripe age of 23, Rory becomes the youngest member of the band.

A spokesperson for Dog Like Status said: “Rory is a bit shy and refuses to comment on his new career move; but we suspect it beats working in McDonald’s, even though the pay is somewhat lower. In fact, financially, playing in Dog Like Status may equate to negative equity. However, on the upside, Rory knows that sonically it pays dividends and he will be ultimately and handsomely rewarded.”

Dog Like Status
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