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After a long and wet three month break, the Dogs finally got back together in the rehearsal rooms and resumed playing.

The reason for the three month abstinence was because Tim decided to go all Ravi Shankar and buggered off to India for Christmas and New Year and, well, most of winter. Upon his return it was clear that Tim had a rather enlightening vacation. This was part induced by falling off his rental scooter and part induced by wildly (perhaps in the name of rock and roll) smashing his fist through the TV in his hotel room. Along with the ear-ache from his missus, this set him back a couple of hundred quid as he had to replace the hotel’s flat screen TV. The result of his enlightening experience manifested itself in his new hair style- a ’90s throw back basin cut, bleached blond on the top and dark on the bottom. Upon setting eyes on this, Ash commented: “Tim looks like the dumbest one from Dumb and Dumber!”

Speaking of hair cuts, Ash finally got rid of his greasy long haired hairy rocker look and replaced it with a thuggish crew cut. Though his newly mown skull disguises his ever increasing bald patch, the cut wasn’t done in the name of fashion. It was a far superior force that sculpted his new image: Ash lost his hair in the name of art, shaving it off as a necessity in scenes for our music video for our first single release.

Ash and Tim sporting their new look barnets as the band take five at Brickhouse Studios.

Ash and Tim sporting their new look barnets as the band take five at Brickhouse Studios.

Whilst Tim was sunning it up Ash and Lenny were mucking around filming scenes for the video and concocting ‘productive plans’ for the band’s future, which mostly consisted of hot hair, far fetched ideas and cold booze. Ash and Lenny did do some recording and mucked around with the tracks for our new album. On the other hand, Rory’s whereabouts were far murkier. Rumour has it he was sat in a dark room for long periods of the night, finally emerging with sores on his thumbs. That is pure speculation.

Though it is known that Rory moved flat of his own accord, Ash on the other hand is moving flat, not of his own accord. Yet again (in the name of rock and roll) he managed to get himself evicted, which to cut a long story short, involved his neighbours complaining, Ash kicking ten balls of shit out of his neighbours’ front doors and having a quiet chat with the local constabulary at three in the morning. To be fair, his neighbours were a set of twats. Apparently all of this was Tim’s fault. But that’s another story.

In case you’re mildly interested, and returning to the topic of hair cuts, Rory’s hair has not been cut and is festering like a wild roadside bush atop his crown. Lenny’s hair remains in the same style – short, like Ash’s new look, again to skillfully (or perhaps poorly) disguise the menacing bald patch.

During the 3 month break Lenny formed an addiction to protein supplements and has now earned the nick name: ‘Beefcake’. When he hits bum notes, no longer does ‘Lenny do a Benny’, rather ‘Beefcake does a Benny’… and that my friends has a much more sinister undertow.

Despite our new looks, our new homes and Lenny’s new moniker, when we settled down to play through the set, we sounded surprisingly ‘with it’ which was great considering we hadn’t played for 3 months. Naturally we were a bit rough round the edges, but it was fun and we rocked like the dirty Dogs we are.

Sony HDR-MV1 video camera - used for capturing footage of Dog Like Status

Ash’s new gadget – the Sony HDR-MV1 camera, with two sticking out directional microphones. Looks good, sounds great.

Ash, fuelling his gadget addiction, had brought along his new video camera, a Sony HDR-MV1, and so we filmed the rehearsal. Having scoured the entire globe (using the magic power of the internet) to find a deal, he managed to get one at a pretty good price. And to be fair, the camera is pretty darn good. It comes with a 120 degree X-Y stereo condenser microphone built in. What this technically means we don’t really know, however what we do know is that as well as recording quality HD video footage, it records great audio!

The camera recorded us lot blasting out full volume in the rehearsal room and captured a brilliant recording without any sound clipping. It picked up all aspects of the band, from the drums and bass to the guitars and vocals. Apparently it smooths out the loud volumes to give a decent recording. It’s a great tool for any band to have. As we watched back the footage we could pick out all of our parts and get a nice feel for the overall sound of our music. Probably one of Ash’s better gadgets, and of course its a video camera, so that means we can spam YouTube with our ugly mugs and sonic orgasms.

We ran through the set a couple of times, jammed over a new riff Ash has put together and basked in the glory of loud noise.

Glad to be back in the saddle!

Dog Like Status
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