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Thanks to everyone who came down the Albert on Friday April 18th to see us play.

From our point of view it was a great gig and we really enjoyed the show. Mind you it started off pretty ropey.
We were due to sound check at 6pm, so we got there for 5.30pm with all the equipment. As we were headlining it’s customary to provide the drum kit.

However when we began unpacking the drum kit we realised part of it was missing. This was a bit of a problem for us, and even more of a problem for all the other bands as they needed to use the kit. So we had to send Rory on an errand to the other side of town to collect the missing parts.

The Dog's on stage, in the middle of playing 'Why'.

The Dog’s on stage, in the middle of playing ‘Why’.

By now it was 6.15pm and we hadn’t sound-checked. Steve the sound engineer was being patient, however his patience was beginning to run out when Lenny realised he forgot to bring along the power cable for his guitar effects. So Lenny had to bugger off back home and the sound man was left to chew on his own liver. Eventually by the time we got round to sound checking it was 7pm.

The other acts on the night’s line up were due to sound-check at 7pm and we’d already delayed everyone. Whoops.

Anyways the night went well and the other bands (The Provokers, State of the Masses, Mum Dad and the Kids) all played great sets.

We went on at 10.30pm and blasted through the set. Ash and Tim were on top form. And it seems the folks in the audience enjoyed a couple of our new tracks – Divide & Conquer and Alkaholidaze went down a storm.

The thing about playing on stage at gigs is that on the stage it sounds completely different from how it does in the audience. To be quite honest it sounded dreadful on stage, compared to how we sound at rehearsals, but apparently the front of house sounds were fine. But some of our friends noted there wasn’t a good balance between the instruments. Despite the minor niggles with the sound, we really enjoyed the gig and we all felt the good vibe on stage.

After the gig we pottered off to Andi and Josies’ lovely flat to imbibe and unwind until the early hours of the morning.

Thanks to:

  • Nathan – for equipment transport to the gig.
  • Cress – for filming.
  • Gaith – for filming.
  • Andi & Josie – for fine hospitality after the gig.
  • Laurie – for getting the equipment back.

Also big thanks to all our friends who turned up!

Dog Like Status
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