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For all those interested we thought we’d keep you up to date with our glacial progress towards rock messiahs. (right, remove tongue firmly away from cheek, and proceed….)

Band Blurb

Having been evicted from his last house, Ash, commendably got his arse in gear and sorted himself a new flat. This is great on two fronts: Firstly it means Ash doesn’t have to sofa surf or bed down on the roadside like unwanted road kill – the last time Ash sofa surfed it lasted many turbulent moons, and he managed to stain Lenny’s sofa bed with chocolate sauce (make of that what you will). Secondly it means Ash wont be a moody bastard at rehearsals, whining about not having anywhere to live, as he’s got a flat. Whoo-hoo.

Lenny and Ash, dog like status, at band practice

Here’s Lenny and Ash mucking about at rehearsals – Tim thought these two looked like the Mitchell brothers from the BBC drama, Eastenders. What do you think?

The rest of the band have been living uneventful lives. Rory is busy studying with exams coming up – all of which is getting in the way of his xbox addiction. Tim has been teaching music and Lenny has been changing nappies and marvelling at his 20-month-old daughter’s first few words  (for those that are interested, they include ‘bubbles‘, ‘magpie‘, ‘more‘ and ‘cheese‘.)


Brighton Rocks – Gig at Sticky Mike’s

Dog Like Status playing Sticky Mikes - poster

Here’s the poster for our gig at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on 6th June 2014.

We’re playing at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton on Friday 6th June, courtesy of Lout Promotions. We hope you can get down and show your lovely faces. You can find more about it on our Facebook event page. It promises to be a good line-up and we’re on just before the headliners. This is good as we get to play and watch the final band. We’ve been allocated a half hour slot, so the biggest problem we had was deciding which songs to drop so our set fits into 30 minutes. Our usual set is about 50 mins long. Much heated debate has occupied rehearsals but we’ve finally sorted a set for the gig which hits 30 mins on the nail – assuming there’s no unforeseen events such as string breaks and the like.

We’re looking for photographers to take a few snaps. Like most casualties of the recession, we’re skint, but we’re also cheeky, so if you fancy taking a few photos of our ugly mugs, then get in touch with us. We might be able to pay you handsomely in ale or other poisons of your liking.

It’s £4 for tickets. It’s a bit more on the door, or you can buy them online (but there’s a booking charge), so if you want a ticket get in touch with one of the band members or contact us through the website.


New Single – update

We’re still putting the final touches to our first single, Love Sick. We haven’t got a release date set yet but we’re close to the final mix. Lenny, Tim and Ash have been slowly grafting away and polishing it up. (occasionally making it worse, but its almost ready for release). We’re still in production with the accompanying video to go with the release. We have no idea what the video will be like, our video producer has been surfing the dark web and coming up with fantastical ideas…. watch this space.

In other news….

In case any of you out there don’t know what a double kick pedal sounds like, Tim decided to illustrate how it can be used, in a Tim like way. Here’s the short clip:

Until next time…peace and love juice
The Dogs.

Dog Like Status
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