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Thanks to everyone who came down to Sticky Mikes Last Friday (6th June 2014). The gig was short, but sweet, and the vibe from the audience was awesome!

It was our first gig at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton, and our first gig for Lout Promotions, so we didn’t know quite what to expect. We thought the sound setup was pretty much spot on – kudos to the sound engineer for that one.

Unusually for us the sound check went pretty smooth, despite Rory turning up to the sound check without his cymbals! We weren’t providing the drum kit so Rory only had to bring his cymbals and snare drum. So for him to forget his cymbals is a bit like a guitarist turning up for sound check and saying, “whoa I’ve forgotten my guitar.”

There were four bands including us and they were all top acts. Big thanks to Devil in Detail for sorting Lenny and Ash a few beers after the gig. Each of the bands had 30 minute slots. Unfortunately ours was cut short so we couldn’t play our full set list. We were just begining to pump the vibe, when the promoter called us off.

We had a good turn out from our friends and fans and that makes playing much more fun. Its impossible not to feel the buzz of the crowd when you’ve got people dancing and having a good time to the music.

Check out the video above for a montage of the gig – the sound in the video is a bit compressed and the camera has directional microphones so the audio pans left and right as the cameraman (Cress) wanders about the audience; it’s live footage, you get the gist.

We’d just like to say a big thanks to all who turned up!
and special thanks to:

  • Cress – for filming.
  • Dave – for being the man with the van.
  • Jason – for taking photos – PS we still owe you a drink – Ash stole yours… we’ll be in touch.

Looking forward to the next
stay tuned

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Dog Like Status
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