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Unsigned Broadcast – Who Owns the Radio?
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14-Aug-2014   /

radio dial

Why is it so hard to get music played on major radio stations? For any unsigned band or DIY musician getting your song played on the radio amounts to gold dust. It is still the best form of advertising for a band or artist’s work. And its the type of advertising that brings in sales. With the advent of the internet and the expansion of radio in to the… Read More »


#DLSLoveSick – Cover Art for “Love Sick” Single
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07-Aug-2014   /

Covert artwork for Love Sick, #DLSLoveSick

“Love Sick” is a dark, heavy rock/grunge song that focuses on the nasty side of love. Its a love song, but not the normal type. The cover art was designed by us, with Ash and Lennydoing most of the work. We wanted something that kind of implied the pain that is involved in love. So after some hours surfing the web and pottering about with Photoshop we came up… Read More »