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Covert artwork for Love Sick, #DLSLoveSick

Here’s the artwork for our debut single, Love Sick. #DLSLoveSick

“Love Sick” is a dark, heavy rock/grunge song that focuses on the nasty side of love. Its a love song, but not the normal type. The cover art was designed by us, with Ash and Lennydoing most of the work. We wanted something that kind of implied the pain that is involved in love.

So after some hours surfing the web and pottering about with Photoshop we came up with the image you can see above. In truth we came up with it by a series of organic accidents, but we’re artists, so we feel it’s necessary to explain away the image with some artistically meaningful bullshit. So hold on to your toilet seats, here’s why we like it:

We like the heart shape pool on the tarmac on the left side of the image. The heart shape may well be vomit. The vomit may well be blood. The heart shape could be even be both – vomited blood. That this appears on something as cold as tarmac contrasts nicely to the idea of warm cosy love. The heart is broken, like most lovers’ hearts end up. And its got a rough texture.

Then there’s that hand to right, snatching away at the broken hearted blood pool. Yes, with blood on its fingers. Who’s hand is that? Is it the hand of the lover after she’s broken up and is desperately clawing back at her heart to heal it? Or is it the hand of the mistress who scratched her lover’s heart in two after she forced him to cheat on his wife?

Maybe its someone’s sister who crashed in a road accident and smashed her skull on the road leaving a heart shape pool of blood, her body was dragged from the scene, feet first by her brother, and that’s her hand you can see…. okay that was a bit sick, and that’s enough artistic bullshit for now.

We think its a rather suitable image for the song, maybe a bit David Lynch in style, but what do we know?
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Love Sick is available to buy on 25 August 2014 from all major on line retailers.

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