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We had a blast headlining at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar last Saturday (Aug 30th) for Brighton Rocks, courtesy of Lout Promotions.

We opened the set with our new single Love Sick, pumping it out at a galloping rate of knots.

Ash, Dog Like Status Lead Singer wearing his Love Sick shirt.

Here’s the result of many beers and a lot of felt-tip pen: Ash’s Love Sick shirt. Not bad if we say so ourselves. What do you think?

To celebrate the single, Ash spent all of the night on the eve of the gig ruining his best shirt with permanent marker to create a psychedelic ‘Love Sick’ shirt.
Ash has promised to never wash it (so the colours don’t run) and after many moons passing, when eventually become rich rock stars, he will auction it off for some dubious cause, complete with years of ingrained bodily odour which will add (or probably subtract) from its bidding value.

The night definitely ranked up there with one of our most favourite gigs to play. The crowd were superb – their energy was positively tangible on stage – so if you made the effort to come and support us, then please give your selves a pat on the back for being fucking awesome!

The other bands on the night were Will Rene, The RPMs and Inking the Ocean, all of which gave top notch performances. It was a pleasure to play with them.

As always we gotta say thanks to everyone who came down to see us and thanks to Cress for filming.

We’re working hard to get some more gigs lined up, so hopefully we’ll see you all again soon.

Peace, Love and Vomit,
The Dogs

** Love Sick, our debut single, is out now. Please check out the video, and if you feel flush, then BUY the single. **

Dog Like Status
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