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Another Blast @ Sticky Mike’s, Brighton
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04-Sep-2014   /

Ash, Dog Like Status Lead Singer wearing his Love Sick shirt.

We had a blast headlining at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar last Saturday (Aug 30th) for Brighton Rocks, courtesy of Lout Promotions. We opened the set with our new single Love Sick, pumping it out at a galloping rate of knots. To celebrate the single, Ash spent all of the night on the eve of the gig ruining his best shirt with permanent marker to create a psychedelic ‘Love Sick’… Read More »


Video Montage: Gig @ Sticky Mike’s, Brighton
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11-Jun-2014   /


Thanks to everyone who came down to Sticky Mikes Last Friday (6th June 2014). The gig was short, but sweet, and the vibe from the audience was awesome! It was our first gig at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton, and our first gig for Lout Promotions, so we didn’t know quite what to expect. We thought the sound setup was pretty much spot on – kudos to the… Read More »


Dog Like Missive
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30-May-2014   /

Lenny and Ash, dog like status, at band practice

For all those interested we thought we’d keep you up to date with our glacial progress towards rock messiahs. (right, remove tongue firmly away from cheek, and proceed….) Band Blurb Having been evicted from his last house, Ash, commendably got his arse in gear and sorted himself a new flat. This is great on two fronts: Firstly it means Ash doesn’t have to sofa surf or bed down on… Read More »


Rocking The Albert
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22-Apr-2014   /

The Dog's on stage, in the middle of playing 'Why'.

Thanks to everyone who came down the Albert on Friday April 18th to see us play. From our point of view it was a great gig and we really enjoyed the show. Mind you it started off pretty ropey. We were due to sound check at 6pm, so we got there for 5.30pm with all the equipment. As we were headlining it’s customary to provide the drum kit. However… Read More »


Our New Banner
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10-Nov-2013   /

Here's Lenny and Tim trying to fix our stage banner to the curtain backdrop. Ash is tearing gaffer tape.

As any band will tell you, being noticed is crucial. Even within the confines of a local music scene there can be hundreds of bands playing the circuit. This is especially true of Brighton & Hove with its larger than average diverse artistic crowd, music colleges and universities. So how does a band stand out? Well the obvious way is to make some pretty damn mind blowing music and… Read More »