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Dog Like Missive: January 2015
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07-Jan-2015   /

happy 2015 from dog like status

Happy New Year Folks! Another solar orbit has begun. We had a blast in 2014 and we’re intent on making 2015 even more fun! Last Year During 2014 we managed to get ourselves a website up and running (so you can read shit like this), we played a few gigs around town with some pretty decent bands (The Fifty-Four Plates spring to mind as being pretty cool) and released… Read More »


#DLSLoveSick – Cover Art for “Love Sick” Single
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07-Aug-2014   /

Covert artwork for Love Sick, #DLSLoveSick

“Love Sick” is a dark, heavy rock/grunge song that focuses on the nasty side of love. Its a love song, but not the normal type. The cover art was designed by us, with Ash and Lennydoing most of the work. We wanted something that kind of implied the pain that is involved in love. So after some hours surfing the web and pottering about with Photoshop we came up… Read More »


Dog Like Missive
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30-May-2014   /

Lenny and Ash, dog like status, at band practice

For all those interested we thought we’d keep you up to date with our glacial progress towards rock messiahs. (right, remove tongue firmly away from cheek, and proceed….) Band Blurb Having been evicted from his last house, Ash, commendably got his arse in gear and sorted himself a new flat. This is great on two fronts: Firstly it means Ash doesn’t have to sofa surf or bed down on… Read More »


New Drummer
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12-Aug-2013   /

Rory stood against a wall

Dog Like Status recruit Rory Benis as their new drummer. Rory, who is studying Professional Musicianship in Drumming at Brighton Institute of Modern Music, replaced Dog Like Status’s previous drummer, Mad Dog Johnimal in August 2013. Influenced by heavy rock and metal sounds Rory suits the band’s playing style and will bring a greater creative edge to future records. At the ripe age of 23, Rory becomes the youngest… Read More »